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About E-BPS Project

E-BPS An Electronic - Building Permit System (PISU/RFP/006/2012 – CDRMP/UNDP) is a project initiated by UNDP's Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Program (CDRMP) which aims to  provide support in the areas of Institutional and Legal systems within Disaster Risk Management (DRM), Climate Risk Management (CRM), Community-based Disaster Risk Management, and Emergency Preparedness and Response (EPR) systems.


E-BPS has been designed to implement the National Building Code (NBC) and Building By-Laws (BBL) to promote safe building construction practices and planned urban development. UNDP/CDRMP also aims to strengthen the institutional and legislative aspects of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) in Nepal by building the capacities of Ministry of Home Affairs, other Government of Nepal ministries, and local governments across the country.


The main objective of this project is the Implementation of NBC through E-BPS, which is achieved through the following:

(i) Develop a customized software system for managing a building permit system based on the NBC and Municipal BBL.
    (ii) Digitize and archive the existing 15,000 building plans and drawings in both Lalitpur Municipal City (LMC) as well as Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City (LSMC) areas.
    (iii) Train  LMC and LSMC staff members to implement NBC and their respective Municipal BBL through E-BPS, which will allow them to manage and process building permits and ensure their compliance within the NBC framework.
    (iv) Identify and recommend suitable ICT systems and logistic requirements to LMC and LSMC to ensure business continuity.
    (v) Provide software implementation support to ensure a successful installation and a hassle free operational environment

    LMC E-BPS Project
    Lalitpur Metropolitan City Office
    Lalitpur, Nepal